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Ansonia, CT official issue reporting app

Ansonia residents have City Hall in the palm of their hand with Access Ansonia. 


  • Report problems and ask questions
  • Send a message directly to Mayor Dave Cassetti
  • Keep up with local news and events
  • Sign up for regular updates
  • View City meetings
  • Info on trash, recycling and bulk pickup

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Anti Blight Program Flyer

Introduction to Anti-Blight Program - Stomp Blight!

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Examples of Blight

  • Collapsing or missing walls, floors or roof;
  • Overhang extensions, including, but not limited to, canopies, marquees, signs, awnings, stairways, fire escapes, standpipes and exhaust ducts which contain rust, tearing, fading or other decay;
  • Garbage, trash or abandoned vehicles on the premises unless the premises is a junkyard licensed by the State of Connecticut;
  • Uncut grass, weeds or undergrowth at least one (1) foot in length;
  • A fence with missing or rotting boards or with broken or ragged links or other material or which, if made from wood, is not properly surface coated to prevent deterioration, significant discoloration or fading;
  • Bushes or trees allowed to grow anywhere in an area more than one (1) foot laterally and less than seven (7) feet vertically over a walkway, driveway or street;
  • Accumulation of stagnant or unsanitary water;
  • Dead trees deemed hazardous to the public or to an adjacent property;
  • Display lights or exterior signs in a broken or disassembled state;
  • Exterior paint significantly chipped or faded;
  • Clothing left hanging from trees, shrubs or fences in the front yard of any residence;
  • Interior furniture left outside, exposed to the elements;
  • Accumulations of feces or putrefying substances;
  • Vehicles parked on premises unlawfully;
  • Graffiti, as defined in the Ansonia City Code;
  • Any violation of building, housing, zoning, fire or health codes.